Search engine optimization is a method that used to increase traffic to a website with help of search engine page rank which is more important than ever in today’s competitive market. Our company will help you to find new ways to attract online customers. This is a techniques and tactics to increase visitors including Google, Bing, yahoo with the support of these search engines and continually improve your website’s visibility and ranking with organic search. The main key factor that affect search engine to make certain pages more attractive to search by using keywords. It is process of an optimizing your website to get organic or un-paid traffic from search engine result page. We offer cost effective solution for generating new leads, boosting online traffic and also improve ranking and placement for keyword. We are the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company in Thiruvalla,Pathanamthitta.

Mobile friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is the most essential factor in SEO. Many people are using mobile phones instead of desktops to access the web. The studies show that 58% of Google searches are done by mobile phones. The mobile version of the pages results is based on Google mobile-first index rank. Particularly if you have to search for anything from your phone and Google will give you mobile results, you will receive a desktop result if you have searched something on a desktop.

How works SEO

If you want to promote Seo ranking in Google you should know how Seo will work step by step process. It’s impossible to get the top ranking rate on Google if you are not following the right strategy, most of the companies failed because they are using wrong strategies instead of the right one. There are some facts that you have to follow to impact search engine result ranking which will include both on-page and off-page factors.


Content marketing

When it comes to Seo, one of the most significant crucial factors is content. You have to present relevant information based upon your viewers. You have to add powerful content regarding the respective subject on the website to attract people, so visitors will spend more time on your website and maybe even make a purchase, here are some list below to improve your content areas.

  • Blog post and article
  • Social media content
  • Videos and audio recording and other visual content

On page Seo

All techniques and tactics implemented and executed on the website are on-page optimizations. The on-page factor involves technical set up, quality of your code, textual and visual content. , in other words, all the measures that can be taken directly within the website to improve search ranking. Here is some list of on-page Seo factor which helps to increase search ranking results.

Title tag

the title tag will show the search engine about the details of every page, there are some limits related to character, so the character should be 70 or less than that. And also include the keyword of your content and business name.

Meta Description

Meta description of your website will tell the search engine a little bit more about what each page is about.


sub-heading will make it easier for the visitors to read about. But it also helps to improve your SEO ranking level. You can add tags like H1, H2, and H3 to a better understanding of your content.

Off page SEO

All techniques implemented and executed outside the website are on-page optimization. Off-page factors like links from another website, social media attention, and other marketing activities outside of your website. There are some off page factor which helps to impact your ranking rate.


With the help of backlinks you can develop off-page Seo but you have to be aware of the spamming site because sometimes your website suddenly banned from the search engine, be aware of to a make a quality relevant content.


another big factor off-page Seo are social Signals, it is basically focused on likes and share, if you publish higher-quality appropriate content then the visitor will directly share your content with others through social media channels so that’s the way you can reach out to a new people.